Sunday, February 10, 2008

28. Underlining - part 1

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and support over the last week! It really did feel pretty much like the end of the world when those pieces didn't line up, and then it turned out to be no big deal... Go figure... ;)

So, with the lining ready to go, I turned my attention to the underlining - the silk organza. It was too wide for my ironing board, but, luckily, it didn't wrinkle as easily as the rayon, so ironing wasn't too bad. More happiness - it was pretty much on grain.

Of course, after the lining incident, I did double check that my bodice pieces and my skirt pieces would line up. Here is a view of the front:

I was able to cut all of the organza pieces on Saturday. In general, the next step is to transfer the pattern markings to the organza, then pin the organza to the underside of the silk and carefully hand stitch around each piece. Once that is done, I will be able to cut out the silk pieces, and they will already be underlined!

On Sunday, as usual, I started with the cheapest and most easily replaceable fabric - the godet. I had actually already cut out the godet, so I flipped the plan and stitched the godet to the organza before cutting it out. This is one place where it might have been better if I hadn't pre-washed the organza. The godet fabric is polyester and very soft. It probably could have used the stiffness of the organza before washing. But the silk of the dress will be behind the godet in a kind of facing arrangement, so I think it's going to be fine.

Here is a shot of the godet pinned along one edge to the larger sheet of organza, and hand stitched along the other edge.

I've heard that you should stitch up the middle of "large pieces". I'm not sure if the godet qualifies as large or not, but it didn't fit on my cutting table and I knew I'd be shifting it around (which you are not really supposed to do), so I figured stitching it up the middle couldn't hurt.

I didn't know exactly what to expect from the process of hand stitching the 2 pieces together, but it was kind of peaceful. I also spent some time transfering the pattern markings to the organza, but haven't finished yet. I'm staying home from work tomorrow for a memorial service in the afternoon - hopefully in the morning I can finish the markings. Then (gulp) it's the silk satin...

Parting shots: When Jackson's 16-year-old brother and litter mate passed away, he sunk into a deep depression. It lasted for months, so we finally gambled and brought home two kittens, hoping that he would make friends with them. Looks like our gamble paid off!

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